Mission and Covenant

The mission of Salem Baptist Church as a body of believers is to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone by seeking God’s will through worship, prayer, Bible study and serving.

  • WE Will

    • Open our doors and welcome all who enter.
    • Reach out and share the gospel with all and teach them of the redeeming love of Jesus Christ our Savior.
    • Minister to spiritual and physical needs.
    • Help each individual develop a close, loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
    • Grow as a family through caring, sharing and building up one another in the faith.

  • Covenant

    Believing that Christ loved the Church and gave His very life for her;
    Believing that we have been called, by Christ, to salvation through his atoning death and resurrection and to service by his example and commission;
    Believing that we have been called to live by grace under His Lordship and to be engaged in the ministry of His Church through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.
    We, therefore, covenant together as a local expression of the Body of Christ, Salem Baptist Church:

    • to be involved regularly in Bible Study, prayer, worship of God, and other opportunities that enrich our faith and spirit;
    • to grow in the command to be good stewards of our lives and possessions;
    • to be committed to our Lord’s commission to take the Good News of salvation to all persons and to give witness of its saving power by word and deed;
    • to treasure what God has given us as His people realizing it is a gift to share.