Trail Life

Welcome to Troop VA

Trail Life USA is a faith-based non-aligned Scouting organization providing youth mentorship and character development to boys.

Here's What We Do

Come join us on wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.


Trail Life does not apologize for only accepting boys. As a church-owned organization, leaders and boys must agree to following the Biblical principle of manhood.



Trail Life centers all of the meetings, activities, and training on following Christ Jesus. Every meeting has a Bible devotion and prayer.  



Trail Life is much like the scouting advancement program, except that the emphasis is on character and leadership building.

Adventure & Explorations

Strengthen in leadership

AwardNEW BADGES Each month we work on a new badge or segment of a badge. Boys are encouraged to work with their parents.  Advancements is based on ranks and badges (like scouting).

Male BOYS LEARN MANHOOD  In a gender-confused society, Trail Life presents a strong fixed Biblical structure and atmosphere for boys to learn to be Godly men.

Mountain EVERY MONTH IS AN ADVENTURE  At the end of each month there is a special “Hit The Trail” adventure event. The Woodlands may have different activity than the Navigators/Adventurers.

ChurchBOYS LEARN TO BE SERVANTS We teach the Biblical strength of Christ in serving others and doing good works.