Wednesday Worship Minute

may 31, 2023

We believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ

We believe in the Holy Spirit and He’s given us new life

We believe in the crucifixion, we believe that He conquered death

We believe in the resurrection and He’s coming back again


Worship is so much more than the music we sing together on Sunday mornings, but what we sing on Sunday mornings is important. Sometimes we sing directly to God in worship or praise – declaring our love for Him or our appreciation for the things He has done in us or for us. Sometimes we sing about God – his character qualities or attributes, like holiness or majesty or awesome power or beauty. And sometimes, as we will this coming Sunday, we sing in response to Him – declaring our intention to do or say or believe something in obedience to His Word. 


The words in italics at the top of the page are the chorus of the song We Believe by the Newsboys. It reflects different pieces of creeds passed down by Christians practically since the time of the apostles. A creed is defined as “a set of beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions.” Some Christian creeds are still used in worship services around the world every Sunday to teach and train new believers or to encourage the unity and solidarity of the congregation. I love the idea of using creeds to teach and train, as long as everyone understands that the creed is the foundation of our faith - the starting point, not the end-all. There is so much more to a relationship with Jesus than just reciting a creed! But if you’re looking for a way to teach new believers what we believe about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, there is no better way than a song like this one! 


If We Believe is the foundation for this week’s worship set the other songs are the framework, walls and roof. In Christ Alone spells out in greater detail exactly what Jesus did for us, from manger to cross to tomb. And our hymns, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross and Jesus Paid It All lay out what our response should be to all the above…basically, we need to give Jesus our hearts, souls and minds and spend the rest of our lives singing His praises and telling others how they can have a relationship   with Him too.


I hope you’ll be at Salem on Sunday morning to sing these great songs with us. It’s not the same when you’re not there!


This Sunday’s Worship Songs:


We Believe – Newsboys –

In Christ Alone – Keith and Kristyn Getty –

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – Bill and Gloria Gaither

Jesus Paid It All – Reawaken Hymns -