Job Description

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Position Description

Position Title: Senior Pastor

Date Prepared: Approved 04/12/2021

Position Status: Full-Time

Primary Function: Provide spiritual leadership to members of the church. Lead the church as a New

Testament Church in worship, proclamation, and education. Watch over the spiritual interests of the

church, preach the Word, administer the ordinances, and have charge of the welfare and general oversight

of the church. Lead the congregation, organization, and the church staff in performing their tasks.

Accountability: The Senior Pastor will be accountable to the Deacons and Congregation for fulfilling

responsibilities as defined in this job description, defining goals, evaluation and communication of

concerns related to the performance of the position.

Qualifications: This position plays a major role in the faith development of all ages within the church,

both as a leader and as an example. This person should have a solid understanding of the foundations of

the Christian faith, Baptist tradition as expressed by Salem Baptist Church, and who has a strong desire to

nurture all persons in the Christian Faith. The Senior Pastor should be a person who generates new ideas,

develops leaders and who values a team concept of ministry.

a) A degree and/or background in a related ministry field from an accredited seminary. (M. Div. is


b) Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God.

c) A sense of calling and a passion for working with children, youth, and families and who loves

spending time with them.

d) Friendly, enthusiastic, and has a flexible team approach while working with children, youth, parents,

volunteers, and staff members.

e) A self-motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting vision for ministry

f) Good organizational, communication, teaching, administration skills and the ability to communicate

through social media and other computer technology.

Responsibilities of the Senior Pastor are as follows:

a) Provide counseling and spiritual direction to the members of the church on an individual basis as


b) Is to prepare and preach and/or teach in all Sunday morning services.

c) Work with Worship Team leader in preparing appropriate worship services that should be wellprepared,

honoring to the Lord, and in a form that is most suitable for the congregation.

d) Is to regularly lead the congregation in the Lord’s Supper or Communion.

e) Is to be available and willing to preform weddings and funerals as needed, and in keeping with

church polices.

f) Is responsible to lead and guide all members of the staff; pastoral, administrative and otherwise,

fulfill the requirement of their job descriptions.

g) Will be an ex-officio member of the Board of Deacons and all organizations and committees of the


h) Will delegate and oversee the planning of the Christian Education of all ages. This includes Sunday

School classes, youth, and adult education.

i) Will delegate and oversee the planning of outreach activities in the surrounding community and/or

surrounding churches.

j) Provide short-term counseling as needed and/or provide pastoral care through the most effective

means possible.

k) Serve as moderator of the Business Meetings following the Roberts Rules of Order.

Expectations: The Senior Pastor will need to stay informed of current culture, methods, materials,

principles, and administration as related to the ministries needs of the congregation. Commit to personal

growth in the area of ministry, including personal study, and attending ministry-related leadership

conferences at least every other year.

a) Grow the ministries of the Church in dynamic and meaningful ways, including numerically and

leadership development.

b) Attend worship services and Wednesday night activities regularly unless ministry responsibilities are

required otherwise.

c) Contribute and participate in the overall life of Salem Baptist Church, including joining as a member.

d) Attend monthly Church Council Meetings, Business Meetings, staff meetings and other meetings, as


e) Maintain regular office hours.

f) Establish relationships within the community organizations to encourage ministry partners.

Working Conditions: The role of the Senior Pastor requires flexible hours, including evenings and

weekends. This position is salaried and based upon 40-50 hours per week. The actual number of hours

required during any given week are based on the need to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. It is

recognized that the schedule may vary at different times of the year.

Supervision: This position does include supervision of all staff.

Fair Labor Standards Act Position Status: “Exempt”

I have received a copy of my job description, which outlines the responsibilities, required skills, education

and experience required for this position. My signature below indicates that I have read and fully

understand the requirements and that I am able to perform the essential job functions as outlined. I also

understand and agree that this job description cannot be construed as an implied employment contract and

that my relationship with Salem Baptist Church is still “employment-at-will.”