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Military Care Package Donations list of suggestions

Military Care Package Donations
Will be collected during the service.
Collection Date: Sunday, June 30th

Summer Care Package Donation List for the Troops:

Individual serving size powdered drink mixes (Crystal Light, Propel, etc.)

Protein Bars/Peanut Butter Mini Cups

Tuna/Chicken (foil pouches/pull-top cans)

Beef Jerky/Slim Jims


Pop Tarts

Oatmeal/Hot Chocolate/Cider packets

Nuts of all kinds

Trail Mix/Sunflower seeds

Dried Fruit Snacks

Cough Drops/Vitamins (chewable)

Zip Lock Brand Bags in all sizes

Shampoo/Conditioner (travel sizes)

Chapstick/lip balm

Baby wipes

Hand/Body lotion (travel sizes)

Toothpaste/Toothbrushes/Dental floss

Body Wash/Soap


Foot/Body powder (travel sizes)

Disposable razors

Deodorant (stick only)

Nail clippers/Nail files

Feminine hygiene items

Playing cards/Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku

Stationary/White envelopes/

Ballpoint pens